Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Resigned from full-time freelancing, back to work

After working from home on a freelance basis for more than a year, I've now gone back to a full-time job. Reasons: Enough time spent at home, not enough money to sustain the lifestyle I like. Haha!

This post is to update my blog readers about what I'm doing now. I currently work as a health writer in a company that mainly serves as a secretariat for local NGOs that are related to nutrition, paediatric health and parenting.

The company set up, system and operation are very different from the medical communications company I previously worked in. The target audience of my writings now are mainly general public and parents. Therefore my writing style has to change from now onwards. :) But my years spent in medical writing (and multitasking on project management) are not wasted; my previous working experience will certainly help me a lot in this new job.

Working as a health writer - this may be something that I can write more about in the future. So, just drop by from time to time to see if I have anything to share. I won't be posting on a regular basis though. Not sure if I will be still in the mood to blog after spending 8 hours of brain squeezing and keyboard typing in the office. ;)


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