Friday, January 8, 2010

Considering project management training?

Do you need to go through a formal project management training or PMP Exam to be a project manager in a medical communications company? Well, myself and several project managers I know didn't go through any formal education or training to be able to work as a project manager in this industry. It's all 'get your hands dirty' kind of job, and learn through experience. ;)

Of course, it will be helpful to know a little bit about this credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) known as the Project Management Professional or PMP Certification. Who knows one day you might venture into a new area of career that requires such qualification.

PMP certified project managers are employed by government, commercial and other organizations with the purpose to improve the success rate of their projects. It can be in any areas of knowledge, and it involves applying a set of standardized project management principles as contained in PMI's PMBOK Guide. Having this credential will help project managers to find job more easily. Self-employed project managers may be able to sell their service to customers more convincingly if they are certified by PMI.

If you already have 5 years experience working as a project manager, would like to consider taking the PMP exam but are too tied up with busy daily schedule, then you may want to look at the possibility of a self-learning course. You can visit for more information.


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