Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in action again

I know I have been ‘hibernating’ for half a year here. Sorry to keep you waiting :)

This extremely long hiatus is partly due to a continuous stream of freelance writing assignments that I received over the past 6 months. Although not highly paid, I manage to make a moderate living out of it.

That’s one advantage of being a medical writer. You could go on a freelance basis once you acquired the necessary experience and skills. What if the local job opportunities for medical writers are limited? Well, you can always explore the possibility of working overseas.

The job prospect for medical writers is very good in UK, and their incomes are lucrative. With excellent medical writing skills and ability to produce high-quality materials, and depending on experience, one can earn a salary as much as £60,000 per year as a medical writer in a healthcare and medical communication company!

Use online job search engines or any recruitment agency to help you out. There is a possibility that you may find a line of medical writing Jobs In Manchester waiting to be filled up. (That's one way to be near to your favorite football team, huh?) ;)

Why not try to do a quick search on Even if you are no longer interested in a writing career, you can also use it to locate other jobs, such as Pharmaceutical jobs or accounting jobs.

Okay, I've gone too far. Let's get back to this blog. ;)

The other reason for my long absence is that I’m still in the middle of finding a new direction and ideas for this blog. I have so far touched on all the various types of project that I had involved in as a fulltime medical writer. Perhaps it’s time to talk a little bit more about project management, which includes weekly meeting and ‘managing’ clients. ;)

What else would you like to know? Any suggestions?


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